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Interview with a Mentor – Patricia Fernandez

Interview with a Mentor – Patricia Fernandez

Magda, Angloville: Hi Patricia! Tell me something about yourself. What do you do on a daily basis? What’s your hobby?

Patricia, Mentor: I am a 21-year old student and I am about to start my 4th year of a Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. I also come from the USA.

I am very passionate about travelling and ever since I was a preteen/teenager I wanted to travel the world. So when I was 18 I started doing experiences such as working in other countries. Later, I did my exchange in France which I finished this year (2020).

Also, for my hobby, I love learning languages – I know French, Spanish and Portugese. I don’t know Polish because it’s really hard (laugh).

Magda, Angloville: When and where did you complete your Angloville programme?

Patricia, Mentor: I completed my Angloville programme this year in February, at the Wityng hotel (located close to Poznań). I had a 2,5 week long winter vacation during my student exchange in Paris, France. So I thought I wanted to explore more of Europe. At the beginning of my holidays I went to Germany, then I stopped in Poland to do the Angloville programme just for one week, later I continued to Hungary, and at the end I got back to France.

Magdalena, Angloville: How did you like Poland?

Patricia, Mentor: I really liked my stay there. I spent 1,5 weeks in Poland. I came 1 day before the programme and stayed 3 days after the programme. Before I visited Poznań, which was a very nice city, and after – I went to Cracow. I wanted to visit more of Poland but unfortunately I didn’t have time.

Magda, Angloville: You are more than welcome to visit Poland again ? How did you find out about Angloville?

Patricia, Mentor: When I was in France I was looking for some work exchange type of opportunities because I’ve done something like that before. As my winter vacation was 2,5 weeks long, I was looking for some opportunities for a shorter period of time than for example 2 months (what I did before). I think it was Worldpackers where I found out about Angloville. I’ve never signed up for Worldpackers, but I saw info about Angloville there, googled it, and that’s how I went on to do a programme in Poland.

Magda, Angloville: What did you like about this programme the most?

Patricia, Mentor: I like the social opportunities that it brings. Actually, we were not doing anything crazy outdoors because it was winter. Angloville had a great bunch of activities planned so I felt like all the time I was interacting with people, just having fun. I was rather scared at the beginning of the programme and a little bit suspicious of Angloville. But then I realized – it is really fun for you! It didn’t really feel like work. If you are a social person (just like me) and you like working with this age group (I was at the Junior programme), it’s perfect for you.

Magda, Angloville: What is so special about this age (junior programmes)?

Patricia, Mentor: Juniors at this moment of life are still kids – they are very creative, imaginative and funny, but already a little bit like adults. You can talk with them about many different things such as culture, language, travel, the future. With younger kids you can’t do that. That’s why I like junior programmes.

Magda, Angloville: What kind of people did you meet on that programme? Do you still have contact with them?

Patricia: Yes. With other Mentors we made a WhatsApp group and we are in touch with each other. I am also in touch with one Mentor – she is from Canada.

At the programme we had a very big group and everyone was very kind. These were the kind of people you really want to meet one more time in your life.

I was there only one week and I made such a great connection with people at Angloville. That’s something I am very grateful for.

 Magda, Angloville: What was the most memorable experience from the programme?

Patricia: It was the day when we were leaving, and we were opening our letters from the Angloville Post. I read half of mine on the bus. It was a very special thing even if we had only known each other for one week.

Besides that, the most memorable part was the dance they had – it was an evening event with dancing. It reminded me of my middle school dances. It was very nostalgic and super funny.

Magda, Angloville: I know it’s hard to make plans right now but what are yours for the nearest future?

Patricia: Once I finish my degree here in the US I’m planning to do a Masters programme in Europe if it will be possible, probably again in France or at least part of it. But let’s see. Later I’d like to travel more, doing programmes or joining AV as an Activity Leader.

Magda, Angloville: What kind of advice would you give to people who think about joining Angloville?

Patricia: Just give it a try. Look at the different programme types, look at the reviews, visit different travel groups and ask them about the experience. But remember – there won’t be like a party situation for a week when you are doing a programme. You will get different experiences, meet new people, and you will see the country you are visiting in a more special way. Just sign up ?

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