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Interview with a Mentor – Leanne Etheridge

Interview with a Mentor – Leanne Etheridge

Magda, Angloville: Hey Leanne. To start with – tell me something about yourself.


Leanne: Hey, so my name is Leanne, I’m 22 years old and I’m a recent Journalism graduate from the University of Lincoln. After teaching children in Bali in 2018, I was yearning to get back into teaching and missed the sense of adventure – especially throughout lockdown. Angloville was the perfect way to do both and I don’t regret my decision.


Magda, Angloville: What did you like the most about Angloville?


Leanne: I adored the time spent with the kids! They were absolutely fantastic and were always enthusiastic about speaking English. Even if I was tired, I’d still join in with activities during my time off – their energies were infectious and always fun to be around.

Angloville is the perfect environment to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Although the hours are long, they are extremely rewarding. I’ve also improved on my leadership, confidence and communication skills!


Magda, Angloville: What was the most memorable experience from the programme?


Leanne: My most memorable experience was the Talent Show from my last week in Niegocin. It was amazing to see everyone’s talents – Native Speakers and Participants alike. There was a range of acts, such as singing, dancing, violin playing and even push ups?! There was such a sense of community and a great way to round off the week!


Magda, Angloville: How did you like Poland?


Leanne: Poland is one of the most underrated countries I have ever been to. The cities are idealistic with their old towns being packed filled with culture and history. The food is also absolutely incredible!


Magda, Angloville: What was your favourite Polish place or thing? What can you recommend to others?


Leanne: My favourite place to visit in Poland is definitely Krakow. The city has a “town feel” and there is an abundance of things to do. You must try the Polish street food Zapiekanka from the Kazimierz (old Jewish quarter) in Krakow! It’s delicious!


Leanne in Warsaw (Palace of Culture and Science in the background)


Leanne in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine (near Kraków)

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