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5 Steps to Becoming an English Teacher in 2023

5 Steps to Becoming an English Teacher in 2023


It’s no secret that a career in teaching is massively rewarding – simply watching Dead Poets Society or School of Rock can show you that. It’s a job that can take you all around the globe, put you in front of all kinds of interesting people, and help to contribute to bettering people’s lives – be it personally, professionally or both!

Teaching ESL (English as a second language) has one of the largest growing markets in the world. We estimate that up to 2 billion people around the world are currently learning English and roughly 100,000 new English teaching positions open every year. In addition, we count over 40,000 ESL schools and language institutes worldwide. These jobs are all over the world – including both North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and more!

So, how can you begin a career in this industry? What do you need? Where do you even start? Well seeing as teaching ESL is our bread and butter, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five easy steps to help you on your way!


It probably goes without saying, but by simply going about your day to day life you are practicing your craft! Whether it be by reading a new book (especially on a new topic/subject), watching a film or documentary, speaking with friends or people in the community, you are reinforcing the core skill needed in this job; a comprehensive grasp of the english language and how it’s used. Exposing yourself to new conversations and subject matter allows you to see how english is used in different contexts and will deepen your understanding of the language as a whole


An excellent way to see if this career path is right for you is to live it by volunteering. Through organisations such as Angloville, you can volunteer as an ESL mentor and gain valuable experience – all whilst travelling Europe for free. You’ll get a feel for the role first hand as you converse with locals to help them develop their english and learn about their lives. For your time you’ll get 70 hours of real teaching experience per programme (practice makes perfect), a certificate of completion, and a letter of reference for any future job applications! You can find out more about these programmes here.


With limited programmes on offer due to current travel restrictions, you can always look at gaining experience from the comfort of your own home in the form of the AngloTEFL. This qualification will provide you with 120 hours of learning and experience, with an accredited diploma upon completion. This is an excellent first step toward a career in teaching english, and should you decide to go in a different direction, it looks excellent on any resume. Take a closer look at the course here.


Like any other career, you need formal qualifications, and one of the most sought after and recognised qualifications is the CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Since 2015, 70% of job advertisements specifically request the CELTA and in the UK alone, 91% of employers want their teachers to have the CELTA. This can be obtained through a number of avenues, however many of these can be costly and inconvenient. So what’s the best way to do it? Let’s find out in the next step!


Luckily for you, Angloville provides access not only to a unique training experience, but also the qualifications you need – such as the CELTA, all from the comfort of your own home. Run through Cambridge University, the Angloville CELTA provides you with a qualification designed to help you succeed. The course will provide you with innovative teaching techniques, knowledge of new technologies & multimedia, along with online and remote class skills. Since 2018, the CELTA certification has had a pass rate of over 95.4%, giving you confidence in the training you’ll receive! Plus you can take the course from home for a limited time, making it more affordable than ever!

Once you’re qualified, the world is your oyster! With new opportunities opening up all over the globe everyday, the possibilities are endless. So, now you know what you need to get started in your english teaching career – what are you waiting for? Find out where ESL could with Angloville could take you next! Found out more here.

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