About this volunteering opportunity in Europe:

Imagine staying in a castle in Europe while you volunteer with kids. Sounds too good to be true? What if I say that you can do this…FOR FREE?

That’s right, you’re reading about the best volunteer abroad program ever: you can teach English abroad to kids, be their Mentor for a week (or more), and have your board and lodging in beautiful countryside hotels covered. And by hotels I mean castles. Fancy European castles.

If that’s not what dreams are made of, I may rethink my childhood goals of wanting to live in a castle when I grow up 🙂

So, what’s the catch with this volunteer-abroad-for-free thing?

The catch is, there’s no catch.

Angloville is looking for native English speakers who can participate in our volunteering programs in Europe. The countries you can volunteer in are: Poland, Hungary, Malta, Czechia, Romania, Slovakia, Ireland or England.

If you like volunteering with kids, then we’re waiting for you! Start your journey by applying HERE!

What are your tasks during your volunteering experience in Europe?

As a native English speaker, you stay in one of our venues in Europe from 1 to 8 weeks and help European students improve their English through a series of conversations and fun-packed activities.

You will not be a formal English teacher- this volunteering opportunity is about being a mentor and a conversation partner for the youngsters. Did we mention you get to know a lot of interesting people, travel around, have a multicultural experience, while you stay in a castle in Europe? We miiight have mentioned the castle part a few times 🙂

If you were considering teaching English in a foreign country, this might be the best place to start your journey! This volunteering position is on a voluntary basis. All board and lodging is paid for by Angloville, all you have to do is show up and talk in your native language!

The Angloville Programme was featured in: Lonely Planet, Forbes, Fashion Magazine, Travel Magazine, Glasgow Guardian.

What is covered by Angloville?

  • Free accommodation in beautiful venues across Europe.
  • Full board during your stay – great local food.
  • Free city tours in multiple cities: Prague, Budapest, Dublin, Krakow, La Valetta, and more.
  • An accredited TEFL-qualification (optional with 3 week long programmes)
  • Meet new friends – an opportunity to connect with people from 20+ countries
  • Build your CV
  • Have loads of fun!

What are the requirements to apply?

  • High School GCSE’s
  • No previous work experience required
  • Be a Native English Speaker / Native level of English
  • 18+ year old
  • Active participation in all fun-packed activities and conversations during the week.
  • Willingness to converse in English on various topics

Where to apply for this volunteering opportunity in Europe?

Join more than 8000 people from all over the world for an Angloville experience this year. Pick an amazing picturesque venue for yourself, and apply now! Interested in testimonials? Read more here: 8 reasons to join Angloville and visit different European countries with us Why we love backpackers and backpackers love us An excellent way to give something back to the community What I learnt from volunteering with Angloville Feature from Soulful travel blog