What is Angloville Business & Network programme?

The Angloville project is a unique experience that enables linguistic and cultural exchange between native English speakers residing in Poland and language students, most of whom are successful professionals and ambitious locals.

Foreigners and expats in Poland are welcome. As English mentors, they stay in one of Angloville’s comfortable venues in Poland for 1 week and help local students improve their English through a series of conversations and activities. 

During each programme, their stay with full board is covered and an unforgettable cultural exchange experience is guaranteed.



Our programmes are a unique opportunity to: 

  • Meet locals and international fellows
  • Share business experiences & network
  • Gain new skills (management, training, teaching, etc)
  • Make your own way in Poland



Use Angloville as a career booster. Take care of your personal growth by gaining new skills and networking!







  • Be over 25 YO
  • Have completed high school 
  • Have a teaching or invaluable business experience 
  • Be a successful professional eager to share knowledge and experience 
  • Reside in Poland or be available on a 5-day notice to join our programme 


What do we expect from you? 

Come as you are! Your students like to meet new people and have regular conversations with them. They are educated locals, eager to meet foreigners and learn more about their experience, their lives and their culture. They are also successful professionals, interested in business, networking and making friends. 



The strength of Angloville is that our programmes are beneficial to all our participants, students and mentors!






What do you get? 

Meet interesting people with whom you can exchange your ideas and experience about international expat life, business and work, walks of life and many more! Angloville is the best way to make local & international friends and find your way in Poland!


You get all the Angloville rewards and benefits: 

  • Accommodation in a twin-room, with in-private bathroom 
  • Three meals a day in our 3-star hotel’s restaurant 
  • Local transportation from Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw to our hotel 
  • International networking and business experience 
  • Programme certificate to value your teaching experience as a Mentor 
  • Letter of recommendation for any future references 


And if you sign up 5-day (or less) before the programme starts, we add special advantages for you:

  • All fees waived: no deposit, no admin fees
  • Free TEFL certification
  • Check our Terms and Condition below


                              angloville adult programme                                             angloville adult programme



Terms & conditions 

  • This offer applies only to adult programmes in Poland 
  • Mentors are required to be over 25 YO, have completed high-school, have teaching experience or invaluable business experience. 
  • Additional skills and qualities required: appropriate personal qualities (maturity, flexibility etc.), ability to cope with challenges, good communication skills, cultural sensitivity, a range of hobbies and interests, have good health and no diagnosed mental condition, a clean police record, have a story to tell and an interest in meeting new people and learning about new cultures.
  • Mentors reside in Poland and/or can be available on a 5-day notice to join our programme 
  • Deposit and admin fees are only waived if the Mentor joins a programme on a 5-day notice or less. 
  • The AngloTEFL Scholarship and admin fees are only offered if the Mentor joins a programme on a 5-day notice or less. The promocode is delivered after successful completion of the programme. This offer is not cumulative. Any AngloTEFL scholarships purchased before this offer would be refunded. 
  • All benefits (AngloTEFL, certificate, letter of reference) are provided after successful completion of the programme.
  • This offer is not cumulative with any other ongoing offer.