Are you looking for a career change with flexibility and freedom to work when and where you want? Becoming an ESL teacher (English as a second language) can give you this! A growing profession that is seeing many job opportunities in schools, language academies and organisations from around the world or even from the comfort of your home by teaching online. 

TEFL is a teaching qualification that is internationally recognised. The online course allows people to teach English as a foreign language and covers grammar rules, lesson structure and instructing non-English speakers in how to read, write, and speak English. 

How do I get TEFL qualified?

This is where we come in, the Anglo-TEFL scholarship covers 120-hour training provided online by Premier TEFL. As well as, 3-week Angloville programmes where you’ll have in person practical teaching. During this time you will stay in beautiful hotels across Europe. The board and lodging are all inclusive. At Angloville English-speaking participants & Local participants immerse themselves in a new country and share cultures to improve English through casual conversations. Also, you’ll benefit from a free city tour before the programme, fun-packed activities and pick up and drop off to the departure city.

Why Anglo-TEFL?

This course is the perfect combination of practical and theory to enhance your teaching skills as you’ll benefit from 210 hours of real-life experience. This will be the start to your new career and open doors across the world. As well as looking amazing as an additional skill for your CV.

Once you have completed the Anglo-TEFL scholarship you will receive a TEFL certificate, where you’ll be ready to embark on your new life! You can search for jobs at and you’ll also find tips, advice and questions about all things TEFL related. 

Did you know Angloville can write a reference for your time with us to help with future employers. You can also work with us in the office or as an activity leader or programme coordinator. And there are even online Angloville teaching jobs!

The cost?

The initial value of the course is 320 EUR, however with Angloville not only will you be saving money you can receive a TEFL  qualification and gain real life experience. 

There are 3 options available to do the Anglo-TEFL scholarship, with Angloville depending on your availability and commitments. Option 1, if you choose to do 3 programmes with Angloville and the online course you will pay 149 EUR with 99 EUR as refundable deposit. Option 2, if you do 2 Angloville programmes and the online course it’s 115 EUR with no refundable deposit. Option 3, if you decide to only do one programme with Angloville and the online course it is 215 EUR with no refundable deposit. 

Angloville is the perfect affordable way in which to get TEFL qualified. All you have to do now is choose your venues and contact Angloville for more information.

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