You were thinking about joining Angloville and teaching English in Poland. That’s great!

Poland is pretty great, too: a traditional country with a rich history, ancient traditions, kind and open people, and exquisite customs.

Here’s a Top 10 of the most amazing things to see, to eat, to drink, to try, to experience – in other words, things you’ll definitely enjoy during your stay in Poland!

#10 – Feel like you’re in Game of Thrones (Episode 1)

The Castle of the Teutonic Order, located in the Polish town of Malbork, is the largest castle in the world measured by land area.

Visit and enjoy the knight life.


#9 – Drown a woman in a river

Just kidding. On March 21st, children make a doll called „Marzanna” and then drown her in a river. “Marzanna” is a doll symbolizing the long, harsh winter. She is made of straw, hay, cardboard, and rags. Dressed in a colourful skirt or dress with a scarf on her head, she is placed on top of a long stick and later drowned in a river or a lake. Children carrying “Marzanna” participate in a colourful parade singing songs.


#8 – Kazimierz was the king of Poland, and now king of the night

Poland has many different kinds of vodka and beer. There is a vast array of flavours, and most importantly, it’s very cheap!

Join us for all night-long party in Krakow, we’ll show you around.

#7 – Once you tried vodka, try Polish grammar

We’re sure you didn’t know that in Polish the number 2 can be declined 17 times: Dwa, dwie, dwoje, dwóch (or dwu), dwaj, dwiema, dwom (dwóm), dwoma, dwojga, dwojgu, dwojgiem, dwójka, dwójki, dwójkę, dwójką, dwójce, dwójko.

Try to say it in one breath and we’ll buy you a drink.


#6 – And you thought pineapple on pizza was weird?

Polish people eat pizza with ketchup.

No comment.



#5 – And you thought that ice in beer was weird?

Polish women usually drink beer with ice, or hot, they add flavoured syrup and a straw. Raspberry, ginger, melon, and mango are very popular.

To try it is to love it! (Trust me, I was skeptical too.)



#4 – Think you know burgers?

If you think you have eaten the biggest burger – we mean you, Americans – come to Krakow and try eating the biggest and tastiest burger ever!

Let us know if you’re up for the challenge and we’ll let you know where




#3 – Feel like you’re in Game of Thrones (Episode 2)


The Crooked Forest are pine trees located outside Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania, Poland. Each pine tree bends sharply and curves back upright.

For an even scarier experience, you can picnic there and have a pizza with ketchup.


#2 – You don’t need to go to Sahara to have a walk in the desert


Błędowska Sands is Central Europe’s largest accumulation of loose sand in an area away from the sea. It was man-made over time through mining and metal-working activity.

But legend says the devil made it.




#1 – You can get married in just 1 day

Wet Monday (Śmigus-Dyngus) is celebrated on the first Monday after Easter, and how we do it is really fun: you pour water on other people! It’s believed that the girl who gets hit with the most water is most likely to get married!

To get married, click here:




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